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Treatment & Price

Treatment flow

This is an outpatient treatment.

  1. Come to the clinic and change into clothes we provide.
  2. Be on a drip for rehydration.
  3. Walk into the treatment room.
  4. Relax and lie down on a treatment table.
    *Music is played in the room.
  5. The area where a catheter will be inserted is disinfected. Disinfect a wrist for treating a shoulder or an elbow, disinfect a groin for treating a knee, a foot or a coxa.
  6. The disinfected area is anesthetized locally. You feel a prickle then. It's a similar feeling to one you feel when you got a shot for taking a blood sample.
  7. A catheter is inserted and moved to the affected part. You can see it on the monitor during the treatment. Since there is no nerve in blood vessels, you don't feel pain or unease when the catheter moves.
  8. Find and confirm blood vessels that cause the pain and inject medicine. We use antibiotics called imipenem-cilastatin.
  9. Confirm a decrease in the unusual blood vessels and pull out the catheter.
    *It usually takes 30 minutes to an hour for the treatment.
  10. Put pressure on the part the catheter was inserted.
  11. Take a rest on a bed for an hour.
    *Patients who take medicines for making blood flow smoothly need a rest for 3 to 4 hours.
  12. Leave the clinic for home. You can go home on foot.
    *Avoid taking a bath and a hard workout on the day of the treatment.


Total amount. 10,000USD

Including initial examination, imaging diagnosis, single or twice catheter treatment, follow-up injection treatment (maximum 3 times), making English medical record, language translation fee, and arrangement of transfer from your staying to clinic.