Dr. Yuji Okuno

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Q. How can I take the treatment from a foreign country?
A. Please send us an e-mail first. Then a doctor will examine you in English via Skype. We will judge if you need to come to the clinic for the treatment.
Q. How can I make an appointment?
A. Please make a reservation for the Skype consultation through an e-mail. After the consultation, you can make an appointment with a doctor through an e-mail if you need the treatment.
Q. I cannot speak Japanese. What should I do?
A. An English-speaking doctor will talk with you during Skype consultations and clinic visits. You can communicate with a doctor in English from the first consultation to the explanation after the treatment. If you need a simultaneous interpreting service, an extra charge is needed.
Q. What terms of payment are available?
A. Credit card only. These credit cards are accepted; VISA, American Express, Master Card
Q. Does an insurance cover this treatment?
A. Basically, no. This treatment is paid for by the patient.