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Patients' feedback

Here are some of our patients' feedback.

I'm greatly satisfied with the catheter treatment

One day, I suddenly felt a pain on my left shoulder and it eventually got severer that interfered with my work. My doctor said that it would be fine in two months or so, but it didn't get better even in a half year. I have my own dental clinic, and the pain made me worry that I might not be able to keep working there. When I was looking for a dentist who could substitute for me, I learned about the catheter treatment, then I decided to take it. I remember that I wished I found the treatment earlier when the pain that kept bothering me for over a half year disappeared on the day I took the treatment. Since then, I have been working without the pain. I'm greatly satisfied with the catheter treatment.

(48-year-old Male Dentist)

Pain and stiffness that lasted over one and a half year disappeared after just one treatment

I felt a pain and stiffness on the right groin. I was already not young as a marathon runner, so I was wavering between staying on the active list or retiring then. When a surgery with a long rehab was unrealistic for me, my friend told me about the catheter treatment at Clinica E.T. I decided to take the treatment before giving up. I took just one treatment more than a year and a half ago, but I still don't have the pain and stiffness.

(28-year-old Female Marathon Runner)

The first treatment removed 80% of pain

I had been bedridden at home with severe pain on my bottom for 2 years because of sacrum hemangioma. I was told that only a surgery could help me, but it should be a major surgery that a whole pelvis is replaced with an artificial bone, and needed a one-year hospitalization for rehab. I avoided the surgery because it sounded massive for me. I took the catheter treatment instead of the surgery. The first treatment removed 80% of the pain and I got rid of most of pain at the second one. Fortunately, I go to work like other ordinary people now.

(38-year-old Male Office Worker)