Dr. Yuji Okuno

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Endovascular Pain Relief Treatment that deals with the cause of your pain properly.
Outpatient minimally invasive treatment with an image guided microcatheter for 20 minutes at least.
Patients often get significant improvement in their pain on the day of the treatment.

Are you bothered by chronic joint or tendon pain?

You cannot figure out why the pain lasts long. An X-ray examination will tell you nothing is wrong. Pain killers are the only help. Can you imagine that new abnormal tiny blood vessels and nerve fibres are the cause of your chronic pain?

Joint and tendon conditions that do not resolve quickly can develop in long lasting pain conditions that are difficult to treat with standard therapies. We found out that the long-lasting local chronic pain is caused by abnormal tiny blood vessels and accompanying nerve fibers that have developed over time in the painful area. These blood vessels are abnormal capillaries that are unnecessary for your body.
Blood vessels and nerve fibers increase together which means not only nerve fibers but also blood vessels have increased in the painful area. Besides, Once you reduce the abnormal capillaries to make your vessels normal, the chronic pain disappears easily. Okuno Clinic's Endovascular Pain Relief Treatment makes it come true.

Perfect treatment for those patients

  • Having a throbbing pain in the night
  • Having a knee pain or a lower-back pain that an x-ray cannot detect
  • Having a long-lasting pain caused by playing a sport
  • Unwilling to have surgery which requires hospitalization

Why choose Dr. Okuno

  • He is the first person who has developed a new treatment that focus on unusual blood vessels and reported it to the world.
  • He has a great understanding of the mechanism of pain
  • He is a developer of the treatment and has shown evidence-based presentations and research papers at academic meetings.

Recent news

Aired on NHK WORLD TV "Medical Frontier"NEW
Dr. Okuno's research paper on Endovascular Pain Relief Treatment for tennis elbow was published in a leading American medical journal about medical treatment for shoulders and elbows.
Here is the research paper: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28734535
Dr. Okuno's research paper on treatment for knees was published in an American medical journal. Here is the research paper: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28365171
The number of the Endovascular Pain Relief Treatment at Edogawa Hospital has exceeded 700.
Dr. Igor who specializes in catheterization at Yale University visited Dr. Okuno to see his Endovascular Pain Relief Treatment from Sep. 30 to Oct. 4.
Dr. Okuno was invited to present his research paper at the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe annual meeting (CIRSE 2016) in Barcelona, Spain.
Dr. Okuno was invited as a guest speaker to Seoul National University in South Korea.
Dr. Okuno presented his research paper on Endovascular Pain Relief Treatment at the Global Embolization Symposium & Technologies (GEST) in New York.
Dr. Okuno was invited to Erasmus University Medical Center located in Rotterdam that is the largest health center and educational institution in the Netherlands.
Dr. Okuno presented his research paper at a hospital allied with Imperial Collage in London.
Dr. Okuno won the silver prize at CIRSE 2014 in Europe.
Dr. Okuno was awarded the Best Scientific poster at British Society of Interventional Radiology (BSIR 2013) in Manchester, England.
An English research paper written by Dr. Okuno was introduced in the American intervention journal “JVIR.”
Dr. Okuno presented his research paper at the European Society for Surgical Research (ESSR 2013) in Spain on Jun. 14.